Film on Deworming Awareness                                                                    


Film on Vaccination Awareness 


Film on Disposal & Disinfection of Aborted/Placental Material

Film on Milking Machine Hygiene/Management

Film on थनैला से निपटना

Awareness Film on Bovine Mastitis

Film on Mastitis Control Project

Film on Human Brucellosis


A lesson on Brucellosis Control

Brucellosis Seminar- One Health Concept

Ethnoveterinary treatment for FMD oral lesions

Ethnoveterinary treatment for Teat obstruction

Ethno veterinary formulation for FMD foot lesions


Preventing Uterine Prolapse- A traditional approach

How to make halter

Ethnoveterinary formulation for Fever

Ethnoveterinary formulation for Udder Oedema

Ethnoveterinary formulation for Diarrhoea

 Ethnoveterinary formulation for Mastitis/blood in milk

Ethnoveterinary formulation for Deworming