Preparation, Submission and Approval of Sub Project Proposals (SPP)

• PI will prepare the sub project proposal. If required, necessary support will be provided by NDDB in SPP preparation.
• PI will submit sub project proposal to Implementation and Monitoring Cell (IMC), NDDB and State Level Technical Management Committee (SLTMC).
• Implementation and Monitoring Cell (IMC) at NDDB will conduct appraisal with support from NDDB's technical and functional groups.
• State Level Technical Management Committee (SLTMC) after screening the sub-project will forward recommendation to GoI. In case PIs need guarantee and/or grant to fill viability gap, SLTMC should send a commitment letter from respective state government along with recommendation to GoI.
• Once technical and financial assessment of the proposal is complete by IMC, a ‘Note for approval' will be prepared and submitted to Project Sanctioning Committee (PSC) for approval.
The process to be followed is depicted in the form of flow diagram as given below:

 Process flow for DTC - JICA

Note: PCMC – Programme Coordination Management Cell at DAHD.