Artificial Insemination (AI ) Services

Artificial Insemination (AI) is the most affordable and convenient biotechnological tool for dissemination of improved genetics at farmers’ doorstep. However, AI coverage of bovines in the country is about 30 per cent ranging from 71 per cent to even less than 1 per cent for different states. That means 65 per cent animals are still bred through natural service either because the services are not available at farmers’ doorstep or they are not convinced with the efficacy of the existing services. About 80 million inseminations are carried out in the country annually with the estimated overall conception rate of 35 per cent as against 60 per cent plus AI success rate in dairy developed countries. This clearly indicates that the benefits of AI can be doubled by improving the quality of AI services.

In order to reap the benefits of breeding infrastructure created under NDP I and RGM Scheme, concentrated efforts are being made for increasing coverage of AI. Since it is very important to assess the performance of AI programmes, NDDB has developed an application called Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH), which is now a national database for capturing data related to animal health, nutrition and breeding. Analysis of INAPH data would help the stakeholders to make informed decisions to increase coverage as well as to improve success rate of AI thereby enhancing reproduction efficiency and popularise adoption of scientific breeding.

AI following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and delivered at farmers’ doorstep is central to scientific animal breeding activities. Through its various training centres, NDDB also provides training to AI technicians and professionals. The AI training centres of NDDB are evaluated and accredited by Central Monitoring Unit (CMU), GoI.

AI Training Institutes of the Country