Animal Nutrition

“Efficient milk production in dairy animals requires efficient feed management."

Profitability of dairying depends upon three main factors viz. breed, management and feeding practices followed. Feeding plays a very crucial/important role in growth, development and productivity of dairy animals. Adequate feeding will ensure that animal attains desired body weight, produce more milk and remains healthy. As feeding alone accounts for around 70 per cent of the expenses incurred for dairying it further augment its importance.

In view of the above, NDDB has developed various feed supplements/ additives, which provide deficient minerals and nutrients when fed along with local feed resources. In addition computer based software has also been developed by NDDB for advising milk producers in local language to balance the ration of their animals with the locally available feed resources and area specific mineral mixture at their doorstep.

Animal Nutrition group provides technical assistance and advisory services in the following areas: