New Feed Variants


Buffaloes contribute more than 50 per cent of India’s milk production. Milk composition and feed utilisation efficiency of buffalo varies considerably from that of cattle. Buffalo milk contains higher fat, total solids, proteins, caseins, lactose and ash than cow milk. In view of this, it is essential to have a feed that can fulfil the nutrient requirements of buffaloes in terms of energy, protein, minerals, vitamins etc.

NDDB has developed specifications for ‘Buffalo Feed’ and has been offering the same to the dairy cooperatives.

Advantages of feeding Buffalo Feed:

  • Increase in daily milk production.
  • More fat per cent in milk.
  • Persistency in lactation.


Requirement of nutrients for the dam increases significantly in the last trimester of pregnancy owing to rapid growth rate of the foetus. Supply of appropriate nutrients during this period assures proper foetal growth resulting in a healthy calf at birth, higher production by the dam post- calving and reduced incidence of metabolic disorders. NDDB has developed specification for ‘Pregnancy feed’ that is advised to be fed @ 3 Kg/day/animal during last two months of pregnancy and the same is being offered to dairy cooperatives.