Ayurvedic Veterinary Medicine

Ayurvedic Veterinary Medicine (AVM) is an alternative treatment option using medicinal plants and common spices available in the household. It is a cost-effective, efficacious and farmer friendly option that can be provided to manage common ailments of bovines so that their losses due to these conditions are minimal, that too at negligible costs.

More than 80% per cent of our dairy farmers are marginal and landless and can ill afford conventional treatment which is costly. Use of AVM also reduces the use of drugs, especially antibiotics, thereby also reducing its residues in milk, which will go a long way in stalling the emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) which is a serious public health issue.

NDDB is promoting the use of AVM for more than 20 ailments and has brought out brochures and video clips on preparation and application of these formulations in all the major vernacular languages in the country so as to reach the farmers in any part of the country. Intensive propagation drives is being initiated through Department of AYUSH, DAHD, State AH Departments, Milk Federations, Milk Unions etc, to popularise the concept throughout the country. NDDB is in the process of creating a robust database on the cure rates of each formulation which may be used as a tool to further popularise the same.