Animal Breeding

A steady increase in the productivity of cattle and buffaloes is achievable by improving their genetic potential in a scientific manner. NDDB has developed:

(i) Infrastructure for genetic evaluation and production of High Genetic Merit (HGM) bulls through genetic improvement programmes such as Progeny Testing, Pedigree Selection, Sib Selection (Open Nucleus Breeding System), Genomic Selection;

(ii) Infrastructure for production of disease free high quality semen doses from bulls produced through genetic improvement programmes;

(iii) Establish systems of regulation for bull production, semen production and AI delivery, and

(iv) Infrastructure for capturing data of all events as they happen and providing timely information to all stakeholders for monitoring, decision making and planning.

Components for success in Genetic Improvement

  1. Genetic Improvement
  2. Animal Reproduction
  3. Information Systems
  4. Projects
  5. Farmers Corner