Supplement to improve Fat & SNF in milk (Samvriddhi)

Milk fat and Solids-Not-Fat (SNF) are important constituents of milk that determine its price. In India the problem of low fat and SNF in milk is quite common and leads to economic losses.

Low fat in milk can be caused due to low fat in diet, excessive concentrate feeding, low roughage to concentrate ratio, poor body condition score and improper rumen function. Similarly low SNF content in milk may be due to negative energy balance, less protein and energy in diet, reduced mineral mixture feeding and heat stress.

NDDB has developed a feed supplement named “Samvriddhi” for improving fat and SNF in milk of dairy animals. When fed at 250g/animal/day Samvridhhi led to an improvement in milk yield, milk fat and SNF content up to 8 per cent, 10 per cent and 6 per cent respectively.