Chairman, NDDB flags off Mobile Milk Collection & Cooling System

Chairman, NDDB flags off Mobile Milk Collection & Cooling System

6 June, 2024, Anand: Dr Meenesh Shah, Chairman, NDDB & IDMC Limited and Mr Kenichiro Toyofuku, Director, Suzuki R&D Center India Pvt Ltd (SRDI) flagged off a Mobile Milk Collection & Cooling System designed and developed by NDDB, SRDI and IDMC Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NDDB on 6th June 2024 at Anand. The Executive Directors of NDDB; MD, IDMC Limited and MD, Banas Dairy were also present.

After flagging off the mobile milk collection & cooling system, Dr Shah mentioned that NDDB conceptualised the idea in consultation with SRDI under rural mobility and IDMC Limited developed it. He also informed that the innovative system will provide automated testing convenience at the farmer’s doorstep, facilitate fair & transparent milk collection, preserve milk quality & ensure the shelf life of milk with immediate on-site cooling. This will also provide access to organised milk procurement systems for dairy farmers in remote or adverse locations and efficiently handle specialized milk types such as cow milk, camel milk etc. He further explained that the system is designed and developed for trials and will then be first used by the Ladakh Milk Federation.

Mr. Toyofuku mentioned that we are happy to see Suzuki's Super Carry Model will now be used for rural mobility to provide convenience to dairy farmers through mobile milk collection, which will also contribute to the improvement of milk quality.

IDMC’s 300 L BMC is mounted on a Maruti Suzuki Super Carry vehicle, powered by the vehicle's engine. A Data Processor-based Milk Collection Unit (DPMCU) is also installed on the vehicle, powered by a 100 W solar panel.

NDDB has funded the DPMCU and related accessories while the BMC tank and entire fabrication/assembly are arranged by IDMC Limited. The vehicle has been funded by SRDI and Denso International has supplied the condensing unit.